PAXbaby Mai Hero babywearing capeDon your Mai Hero baby carrier cape and get out there to fight crime with your fellow babywearers!  Blam, kapow, and WEAR YOUR BABY!!!!  The Mai Hero is the one and only super hero cape designed to fit your baby carrier and grow with your child to transition to a standard costume cape by PAXbaby’s Pimp my Carrier!  Don’t limit the Mai Hero to being worn just at Halloween season, wear your Mai Hero any time you want to feel {SUPER}

These babywearing capes come in a variety of colors and your choice of applique!!!  Custom requests are always welcome, so contact me for special applique questions, snap colors, reversible options, etc….  To wear your Mai Hero, simply snap the short cape straps around the shoulder straps of your carrier and get ready to ZOOOOM, or WHIZZZZZ, or do something really {SUPER} !!!  The Mai Hero doesn’t come with flying instructions or kung fu skillz but it does guarantee to make you the coolest and most {SUPER} babywearing parent ever!!!  And as your child grows out of their babywearing stage, the Mai Hero will grow with them!  Snap the straps through the sleeves of your child’s T shirt and off they go to save the world {Lego world from their baby sibling, that is} !!!  My Baby #5 had to be coerced to take his Mai Hero off for church, and you can believe that he slept in it for 5 nights in a row!!!  No choking hazard of course since the straps go through the shirt sleeves – not around the child’s neck!!!

PAXbaby mai hero babywearing cape costume holloween

Face your nemesis {those 3 loads of laundry waiting to be put away}

Lead a hero brigade {talk your toddler into helping you clean up the toy room}

Capture the hostile {bathing your littlies without any soap in the eyes}

or just plain be {SUPER}

Looking forward to seeing some action pix in your Mai Hero!

*please note that orders placed at the time of this blog post will not be ready for Halloween 2011 but the Mai Hero babywearing cape is a baby carrier extra accessory that should/ could/ would be worn every day*

*happy {SUPER} babywearing*

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