Since next week is Baby wearing week, I thought I would share the reason why I have become so big on carrying my kids.
With my little Jordyn, I had severe post partum depression and bonding was hard for me to do.  The only time I even felt close to her was when I had her in the carrier (a Snuglie).  I remember explaining this to Spencer by pointing out the pressure felt somewhat like being pregnant again.  I would carry her every trip to the store, and as I cleaned the house each night, while Spencer was away at work.  Unfortunately, around the time she was six months old and about 13-14 lbs, the weight became too much for me and her, and I stopped using the carrier.  If only I had known then what I know now.

Jordyn in her snuglie July ’10

Around the time that Declan was born, I was sitting in our Marriage and Family relations class and the Psychologist that was teaching was explaining why hugging was so important in family relations, the answer was simple, Oxytocin!  She stated that the pressure on a person’s chest releases Oxytocin into the brain creating a calm and happy feeling.  I instantly thought of the joy I had carrying Jordyn and decided I needed to do the same with Declan.  So that week I went and bought a cheap carrier from Target.  I started to put it on throughout the day, when I wore it Declan was calmer and so was I.  But then the trouble started.  See Declan was not small like his older sister and the weight was too much to bare at times, walking the floors at night when he was fussy was doing a number on my back, but I didn’t want to give up carrying him.  I went online and started to research, on a message board asking if there was something better I had several posters tell me to check out PAXbaby, so I did.  There I met Jillian, she emailed me back and forth until we found just the right carrier for me, my custom BabyHawk, it took awhile to arrive, but was entirely worth the wait!  The custom fit was amazing, it was versatile and my back never hurt, and it had magical powers that instantly soothed Declan to sleep.  I will always love that carrier!

Note the giant smile

Since the purchase of my BabyHawk, I have also purchased a Beco Butterfly II and a SBP ring sling, giving my stash the perfect range of versatility and comfort.  I will always be grateful for all the help that Jillian gave me, and am so happy to have found the perfect bonding tool, cause one thing is for sure…… I LOVE MY BABIES!!

Our ring sling, great for popability when I need it most

Our adorable BBII

Because I can carry them both now, and it makes me HAPPY

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