Welcome, babywearers, one and all to International Babywearing Week 2011!!!  It is always vital to show your support for babywearing, but in light of the past years’ drama towards safe babywearing, this October, it is an absolute requirement that we each babywear proudly and vigilantly, showing both by our actions & our words that babywearing is not only safe, but the SAFEST place for baby to be in fact!!!  If you have been hemming and hawing over the decision to babywear your little one, hesitate no longer!  It is time to commit to the babywearing way of life – bonding, loving, carrying!!!  If you have a baby carrier but never wear it because it’s uncomfortable or unwieldy, this is the week to order something new or schedule your rental carriers so you can continue doing what you know is best for you and your child!  If you already babywear with gusto – in comfort and in love – this is the week to make sure you spread the love!! Just talking to 1 parent will make a difference and help change the world’s opinion on babywearing – one sling at a time!  Speak up, babywearers – for a lot of you, if it wasn’t for another babywearer leading you on the path of comfortable baby carriers, you may have given up long ago or never started baby wearing in the first place!  Spread the love, babywearers, and THANK YOU, for being ambassadors for a cause so important & crucial for babies everywhere!  HAPPY INTERNATIONAL BABYWEARING WEEK 2011!!!!!

PAXXbaby International Babywearing Week 2011

Help spread the babywearing love!!!  Print these cards, cut them up, write your name on the back, pass them out, and if your friends or new babywearers place an order, have them put your name in the Order Notes so you can BOTH be entered into the monthly PAXprize drawings!!!

Babywearers Unite cards!

Welcome to Babywearing cards!

*happy babywearing*

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