by babywearing mama, Megan

I thought I wasn’t the babywearing type. I had tried everything, or so I thought. I went through countles babies’r’us carriers, a moby x 3, Ergo, 2 different ring slings. I was frustrated and after basically giving up on being able to wear my child, I found – I found Jillian! She is so helpful, and patient. I tried the rental program, and found out that I need a Beco.

Not all carriers are made equally.

Now I am able to wear my LO, any time and all the time. I LOVE IT!   It improves my mood, when I am able to accomplish chores, and not have a baby crying at my leg.

If you haven’t heard of babywearing before, or think you aren’t the babywearing type, you need

*happy babywearing*

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