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Babywearing has changed my life. Before my son was born, I was one of those childless people that swore I would never carry my child all the time, because he would get too attached and would never learn to be independent. How naïve was I?! My babywearing life stemmed from a need to keep strangers from touching my newborn baby in the dead of winter. After all, a girl has to get out of the house and go shopping once in a while, even with a newbie! And so, I pulled out the Bjorn my mom gave me *gasp!*; I wore it, and I hated it.

I loved “babywearing” my son: I loved the convenience of having him close to me, safe but still being able to have my hands free. However, my back hurt, my shoulders hurt…yuck. So, when my son was 6 weeks old, I did some research online for a carrier that wouldn’t hurt my back, discovered how terrible my “crotch-dangler” was, and  the *correct* way to babywear (who knew?!), ditched the Bjorn and never looked back! Thankfully, I found PAXbaby – I swear they saved my life (and my back!) I immediately rented a ring sling and 2 SSCs to try before I made the investment. I FELL IN LOVE! I used the Ring Sling on a cross-country trip to California (including a trip to Disneyland!) I could nurse in it (while walking around Lowes), I could calm my baby down, and I could keep him safe and warm. This ring sling (rented from Paxbaby Kristie’s personal stash!) was my gateway carrier. I bought my own ring sling, then a custom Pimped Gemini, then an Ergo. I’m still saving my pennies to get a custom Beco Butterfly II.

All of my carriers have been, and will be, worth every penny. Nowadays, I carry my son all the time, and he is an independent, well-adjusted, happy boy who loves being worn by his mama. Thank you, PAXbaby!!

PAXbaby blog babywearing

*happy babywearing*

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