4 years ago, I had this great idea!  Why not start a little business – PAXbaby – selling all my favorite natural baby products to my friends and make a little pin money for myself!  Having 4 kids under 5 wasn’t challenge enough, hahaa, so I dove into the world of retail and online business headfirst without really thinking about what could lie ahead for the PAXfamily!  I started with a wide outlook of ALL my favorite products for green families, but after our adventures in New Zealand and Australia, I realized that to focus on my personal forte, baby carriers, would be best for my family!


Now, 4 years later, 2 more babies, & a relocation to Southern California, I am so grateful for all the experiences along the way, making me a better business owner, a better friend, and of course, a better babywearer! 6 cloth diapered & babyworn babies has made me an expert in my field, and what was just a small hobby has grown and blossomed into a family supporting business with 3 other PAXmommies helping to balance the work load!


Kristie, Laura, & my own mommy – I couldn’t do it without you!  PAXdaddy – your support means EVERYTHING to me!  My 6 little PAXbabies, you are my muses & my whole world, smooochies!  And finally, a HUGE THANK YOU to you – my readers, my fans, my friends, my listeners, my guinea pigs…. my inspiration!!!

(((hugs))) & *happy babywearing*

PAXbaby Birthday October 2011

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