Brush off your creative writing skills, moms, and get writing!  Help celebrate International Babywearing Week & PAXbaby’s 4th Birthday Party by writing an article about something babywearing!  Doesn’t have to be long, or fancy, or rhyme, or be filled with 5 star vocabulary words, but it does need to be from the heart, true, and sweet – just like you!

You could:

Send me a babywearing picture with a cute caption

Write a haiku about babywearing

Tell the story of how you discovered our wonderful world of baby carriers!

Explain how to wear a baby in your favorite carier

Find a great babywearing picture from another culture to compare

Post the highs and lows of your babywearing career aka the spit up down your back in your first back carry!

Draw a picture of your DREAM carrier

Snappy retorts for “helpful strangers” aka “can she breathe in there!??!”

Put together a collage of favorite fabrics that you love

How you wear your baby while doing chores etc…

Significant Other babywearing pix – you know we drool over those babywearing daddies!

Anything  & everything babywearing, get writing!!!!!!!!  And earn a chance to win a PAXprize!!!!  Email me your submission please!

*happy babywearing*

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