Happy Wednesday, babywearers!  I’m going over each of the points from yesterday’s blog post about October’s PAXbaby birthday and the chance to win some PAXprizes so you can make sure to enter every way you can!!!  Let’s talk about PAXbaby’s FaceBook page!!!  We have an awesome community over at FaceBook that I would love to share with you!  We post babywearing pictures, parenting questions,  attachment parenting issues, and more including the PAXprize questions!!!! So, the next time I post a picture and ask a question, jump in to get a chance at winning that week’s PAXprize!  There will be 4 drawings through the month of October, however if there are more than 50 entrants, we’ll pick 2 names per drawing!!!

PAXbaby Facebook

See you over at PAXbaby’s FaceBook page!!!
& *happy babywearing*

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