PAXbaby BB Slen Wrap Ring SlingWith the new arrival of my BB Slen order, I revel in all the colors and patterns of these gorgeous wraps!  Straight from Europe, the BB Slen woven wrap is the easiest for new babywearers to get the hang of thanks to the grippy texture of the fabric!  Most moms wear a 460/490 for all the various carries, but for those quick shorty wraps, choose a 260, and for XL babywearers, the 560 will be the best length for your needs!  Not a wrapper, but loving the colors, no worries!  Choose your favorite BB Slen colorway to convert into a Ring Sling, meh dai, Half Buckle, or Soft Structured Carrier!  To be specific, I’m talking about the lovely wrap conversions by Sleeping Baby Productionsand Bamberoo!!!!  Too many options to make up your mind? Contact me to help narrow down your options and finalize your order!  Wrap, sling, or tie, there is a carrier for you!

PAXbaby BB SlenPAXPAXbaby

A quick introduction to all these fabulous colors from left to right:

Currant Red – dark red

Strawberry Stripes – medium candy colored stripes

Pink Pepper – bright pink with a Pineapple stripe

Papaya – wide bold stripes of warm colors

Pineapple – a PAXbaby bestselling rainbow

Pumpkin – bright orange with a Pineapple stripe

Passionfruit – wide stripes of dark colors

Green Peas – bright green with a Pineapple stripe

Green Paprika – thin stripes of green hues

Turkish Delight – light turquoise with a diamond pattern on 1 side *only available as a Ring Sling

Prunella – purple with a Pineapple stripe

Blueberry – wide stripes of blue hues

Blue Curacao – turquoise with a Pineapple stripe

Blackberry Gray – soothing gray

Black Beans – neutral black

*happy babywearing*

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