In an effort to relieve the weight of my babyworn infant, I experimented with a new “hold” or Babywearing Technique called the “Double Backwards Ring Sling Carry!” Baby #6 isn’t very heavy – 12 1/2 pounds 1t 16 weeks –  but his continual babywearing all day every day can cause some muscle soreness especially since we have been using mostly cool, airy Ring Slings due to the heat!  By the nature of the Ring Sling, this baby carrier only goes over 1 shoulder – making 1 half of your back, neck, and shoulders do more work than the other!  And being primarily right handed, I can’t easily swap Baby to my other side to use my left hand for tasks and work!  So, what’s a busy mama to do??

PAXbaby double Ring Sling Backwards Hold

Using the Backwards Ring Sling positioning, I held Baby #6 high against my chest, threw over our heads 1 Sling, tucked the bottom edge (or “rail”) between baby’s bum and my chest and tightened it to hold him securely with the Rings on my back!  By pulling the tail down through the rings gently, first the top rail, then the bottom, I can get the perfect fit for Baby and I!  Then, taking the second Sling, I threw it over both of our hands going the OTHER way with the ring son my back in the opposite direction!  By tightening this second sling also, I ended up with a “Double Ring Sling” supporting Baby’s weight on both shoulders equally and helping to distribute his weight evenly across my entire neck, shoulders, and upper back!  Aaaaaah, it felt GREAT!!!!  I’m not too sure I can go back to Single Ring Sling wearing again!!!

Want to see the “Double Ring Sling Carry” in action?  Watch here at PAXbaby’s YouTube channel and post pix here at PAXbaby’s FaceBook page to inspire other babywearers to get creative too!  Demonstration features a vintage Maya Wrap (the one that started it all!) and a beautiful Rainbow Wrap Conversion Ring Sling by Sleeping Baby Productions for PAXbaby – available by pre-order through!!  THANKS &  *happy babywearing*

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