When it rains, it pours, and in this case, poor Baby #6 got caught in the middle of a baby carrier storm!  Ring Slings, Wraps, meh dais, and Soft Structured Carriers, my baby carrier stash is full of choices and makes my daily decision of “which carrier to wear” an hard one indeed!  I was recently asked, “how do you decide which carrier to use when?!?!”  Here’s how I figure things:

Wear a meh dai or a Wrap at home when I don’t have to worry about my tails dragging on the floor!

Wear a Soft Structured Carrier when I am out & about for fast up-down-ups!

Wear a Ring Sling when I know I will have an audience while breastfeeding!  At church, at a party, out to dinner….!!!

More whens?  Wear a Ring Sling for hip carrying!  Wear a Wrap when baby isn’t feeling well for extra cuddling!  Wear a Soft Structured Carrier with crossable shoulder straps when hiking for extra support!  Wear a Beco Butterfly at Disneyland so you don’t have to take off the WHOLE carrier!  Wear a Beco Gemini or a Pikkolo for Front Facing Out!  Wear a Sakura Bloom linen Ring Sling when its hot! And most importantly, WEAR YOUR BABY AT ANY & ALL TIMES!!!!

PAXbaby Baby Carrier Stash Avalanche

*happy babywearing*

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