Beco fans, I admit that the safety buckles on the Gemini got me pretty flustered when the newest Beco baby carrier was revealed!  Going from the Beco Butterfly with its easy waist buckle to the Gemini with its safety buckle was not an easy transition for me until….  The day I discovered that the safety buckles could actually be manipulated with one hand!!!!  Your baby’s weight acts to pull the male part of the buckle forward when the safety button is released, allowing your same hand to pinch the buckle prongs to open without having to reach across and use the other hand!!!  This knowledge made me fall even more in love with my Beco Gemini since it is the sweetest newborn Soft Structured Carrier in my stash!!!!   Watch this video, lovingly taken by my 8 year old, and learn how to unfasten your Gemini safety buckles in a snap!!!!

PAXbaby Beco Gemini newborn safety buckles

*happy babywearing*

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