I know that I talk a lot about my family, and my vast 8+ years of babywearing experience, but you don’t often see all of us together & featured on the PAXbaby blog!  It’s just too hard to pin down 6 wiggly kids to take a decent picture!  However, last weekend, we took a road trip “back home” to Santa Barbara, and a friend took our picture at Goleta Beach!!!

PAXbaby family Santa Barbara

That’s the PAXdaddy holding Baby #5, Baby #1 and #2 on the left, and Baby #4 and #3 in front of me!  Yes, Baby #3 is adopted – from birth and breastfed along side her sister for 13 months!  I’m wearing Baby #6 in a Wrap Conversion meh dai and soaking up every bit of the baby snuggles that I can because I “don’t know whether we’ll be blessed by another baby in our family or not!”  We homeschool, cloth diaper, recycle, compost, grow our own veggies, use family cloth, extended rear face in the car, babywear with a passion, and don’t vaccinate – that’s the PAXbaby family in a nutshell! Who are you?

*happy babywearing*

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