Babywearing at the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, by Laura

Nothing makes me look forward to Summer more than visiting our local Farmer’s Market. There’s just something about the warm evenings, picking up fresh fruit and eggs for the week, the smell of fresh flowers and sitting down on our blanket at the end to break bread with friends.

It’s also one of my favorite places to babywear and look for other babywearers. Being such a family-friendly activity makes it quite the spot to see and be seen with the latest baby carriers, and I am always surprised by the large variety. I aways make it a point to greet other babywearers, let them know how wonderful I think it is they have chosen to keep their baby close!

When I was a new mom I desperately wanted to make friends with other moms who understood what I was going through. Babywearing saved me when my son with reflux couldn’t be put down. What if by reaching out to another babywearing mom you make a new friend? Or help her? Or at the very least assure that mom that the decision to wear her baby is an amazing one. Take a chance, say hello, you might be surprised!

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II Farmer's Market

*happy babywearing*

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