Babywearing mamas, while you & I have been working so hard to buy the very BEST for our babies, there is a group of moms who would risk the safety of their children to save a few dollars…  a group on FaceBook just imported a bunch of counterfeit “Ergo” baby carriers from China, and the repercussions of this mistake could be terrible!!!!

#1 – The mom involved with the importation of illegal goods could go to jail!  The FBI is now involved, and things sound pretty serious!  So sad since she is a normal WAHM who just wanted to make her group of friends happy by offering them a “great deal!”

#2 – Selling/ buying a baby carrier that hasn’t been weight tested or lead tested undermines the Baby Carrier Safety Standards that we have all been working so hard to comply with, in order to prove that babywearing is SAFE.  Due to misunderstandings about the safety and culture of babywearing, the media and “big box” baby carrier manufacturers have been looking for a way to shut us down, and an accident involving one of these “fake” Ergo baby carriers would be JUST the thing to “prove” that babywearing should be restricted and limited!

#3 – The decision to buy a potentially dangerous carrier is a PERSONAL decision that these moms have chosen for themselves and their poor helpless babies – UNTIL the day comes that they decide to resell their “Ergo” carrier on a carrier swap board, the FSOT boards at, Craigslist, or eBay!  I highly doubt that they will be listing these carriers as counterfeit Ergos purchased illegally from China!  You or any other babywearing mama could innocently buy a dangerous carrier without even realizing it!

#4 – Just because it looks pretty on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s pretty on the inside!  Ergo and every other reputable baby carrier company sold through baby carrier stores are following strict instructions on how to manufacture their carrier safely – down to using fabrics and dyes safe for contact with sensitive baby skin and what kind of stitching needs to secure the straps to the body!  There is no way of knowing whether these fake carriers have followed safety standards or whether the straps could rip as shown on this meh dai “knock-off”!!!  For $30, I’m not willing to risk my baby’s safety; what about you!!!???!!!

PAXbaby fake knock-off rip-off Ergo Baby Carier

A counterfeit Freehand meh dai rips when stress tested.

By posting and warning the parents who chose to buy the counterfeit Ergos, we are attempting to prevent consequences that could lead to the government regulating the babywearing culture into non-existence. To spot a fake carrier, read this information on how to distinguish a fake from the real deal!!!!  Save our babies – protect our babywearing world – shop smart – keep the proof of purchase when you buy a carrier – don’t get tricked into buying a fake carrier!!!!

A quick note to thank all of our wonderful baby carrier manufacturers who have paid MORE to keep their production in the USA, who have worked diligently to ensure that the factories being used overseas are fair and equitable, and to the baby carrier manufacturers and vendors who have all stood up together these past 2 days to keep our babies safe!  THANK YOU!!!!!!

*happy babywearing*

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