Your squishy newborn has grown into an cuddly infant, and your infant into a busy crawler.  Your crawler is now an inquisitive toddler who still wants to stay close to mom, but needs independence at the same time!  How to take someone this squirmy out & about???  On your back in a Beco Butterfly II of course!!!!  One of my personal favorite Soft Structured Carriers, aka Buckle Carriers, and a PAXbaby best seller!

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II Toddler Back Carrying

The internal Y panel is fantastic at reassuring the babywearing parent that your baby will not fall and making back carrying completely independently possible and easy!  Don’t be nervous; all it takes is practice and you’ll be able to get your happy toddler on your back in no time!  Check out my babywearing demo video to see instructions on 2 different ways to get baby on your back, and remember, practice makes perfect!

*happy babywearing*

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