Ask me the top 10 reasons why I love my AngelPack Soft Structured Carrier, babywearers, please!!!  OK, I’ll tell you!!!

AngelPack PAXbaby infant

#1 – This buckle carrier is lightweight for warm weather babywearing!  No heavy padding here!

#2 – The AngelPack has crossable shoulder straps that make an X on your back when front carrying!  This helps to distribute baby’s weight over your entire back and shoulders!  No sore spots!

#3 – The shoulder straps are wide enough to cup your shoulders!  No riding up on your neck!

#4 – The removable hood provides shade and napping support for wobbly heads!  No baby sunburn!

#5 – The hood and chest strap can be stored in the hidden pocket on the inside of the front panel!  No losing accessories!

#6 – The waistband is tapered & attractive!  No muffin top!

#7 – The buckles on the shoulder straps are dually adjusting for the perfect fit!  No discomfort!

#8 – The AngelPack is manufactured at fair trade facilities!  No guilt!

#9 – The APLX soft pack is organic!  No rash!

#10 – Baby napped for an hour in his AngelPack!!!  No crying!!!

I know we love our APLX, & you will too!  Rent or buy an AngelPack for your angel!

PAXbaby.comPAXbaby AngelPack Soft Structured Carrier

*happy babywearing*

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