We’re getting a lot of questions about PAXbaby’s Pimp my Carrier program, and we are always happy to help, however, I thought I’d answer a few of the most common questions right here right now!

PAXbaby Pimp my Carrier

Q:  Is the customized panel removable?

A: Yes, carefully with a seam ripper!  The fabric panel that is added to your carrier is designed to stay for good but in the event that you want to remove it, have at it!  Just be careful not to damage the fabric under your customization!

Q:  What is the Cutie Cover?

A: This is Pimp my Carrier’s answer to the need for a removable fabric option!  The Cutie Cover is a slip cover designed to pop over the front panel of your carrier and change the look instantaneously!  Get the most bang from your buck with a reversible Cutie Cover with 2 looks in 1 and twice the fun!  Cutie Covers will be shipping at the end of the month for the Beco Butterfly, and coming in August for the Beco Gemini!

Q:  Can I send in my own fabric to use to customize the carrier?

A: You are absolutely welcome to!  The goal of Pimp my Carrier is to make your carrier uniquely you, and if we don’t offer the fabric of your dreams in our fabric gallery, please choose your own to send in!  The ideal fabric is 100% quilter’s cotton or a cotton/ linen blend! Links to my personal favorite online fabric shops can be provided, or you can email me a link to the fabric that you have in mind!  We need 1/2 yard to complete the BBII panel or 3/4 yard for the Gemini, and more if we are doing extra custom accessories like Strap Wraps or a Mai Poketto!!!

Q:  Can I send in my own carrier?

A:  Yes, you may!  We can customize, accessorize, and beautify any carrier brand, not just the ones sold at PAXbaby so bring on your Ergo, Kinderpack, etc, so we can make it pretty!

Pimp my Carrier Ergo

Q:  Can my customized carrier be returned?

A:  Every babywearer has her own taste, and we are striving to make your carrier uniquely YOU, so unfortunately any custom order placed at PAXbaby does not fall under our 90 day return policy!  Choose wisely or rent a selection of carriers from PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange to narrow down your options!!!!

Q: What accessories does Pimp my Carrier offer to accessorize my custom carrier?

A:  Pimp my Carrier offers 2 styles of accessories!  The first is “solid” meaning a coordinating solid twill to match your carrier!  The second option, more pricey and more boutique, is “custom” accessories meaning made out of the same or coordinating fabric as the custom panel on your carrier.  These custom accessories are often the final touch that turns your previously blah baby carrier into a wearable work of art!  The accessories that we can create for you at this time are:

the Toy Tether, perfect for keeping favorite toys, binkies, bottles, or sippy cups close at hand!

PAXbaby Pimp my Carrier

the Strap Wraps, Pimp my Carrier’s stylish answer to the Drool Pads, designed with a layer of PUL to protect your shoulder straps from unsightly fading due to baby drool or sucking and to provide a nice resting place for your little one’s head!

the Mai Poketto, the genius accessory bag that slips onto your waistband to hold all the necessities  and lined with PUL to serve as an on-the-go diaper bag!

the Cutie Cover, the removable, reversible, absolutely fabulous slip cover designed not to “ride up” and fully function on your carrier without changing the integrity of any of the buckles, straps, inserts, etc!

and the custom hood, designed for the Beco Butterfly II, to snap into the existing hood snaps or to snap into the hood snaps on the Cutie Cover!

Q: How long has “Pimp my Carrier” been around?

A: Pimp my Carrier started in 2007 with a crafty mom who wanted to help babywearers have the perfect carrier – perfect fit and perfectly fashionable!  PAXbaby teamed up with PmyC in 2010, switched to a professional seamstress, and is now going on 9 months of customized carriers and adorable coordinating custom accessories!

Pimp my Carrier Boba

Thanks for all your emails, questions, and ORDERS!  Please let me know if I can help design the carrier of your dreams! Pimp my Carrier is where beauty and function are sewn together!!!!

*happy babywearing*

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