Teething is the bane of mommies’ existences – the crying, the whining, the suffering, the biting….  After enduring the terrible teething months of my first 3 babies, when #4 started to get the tell tale red cheeks and white bumps on his cheeks, I started researching!  There must be something better out there than Baby Motrin & Hyland’s teething tablets, I though to myself!  As I studied Google for better natural remedies, I kept hearing whispers about “amber…”  Intrigued, I ordered a Baltic Amber necklace for Baby #4 thinking that it must be a wives tale, but with a hope that these mysterious rocks could actually work miracles! Lo & behold, my fourth baby suffered none of the teething trauma that had afflicted my older babies, and his pain threshold also seemed extraordinarily high!  Things that had reduced the other babies to tears didn’t even seem to phase this guy!  Falling down, hurting himself, teething, none of the normal baby pains seemed to affect him the way they had with my first 3 children.  I was now convinced that I had either given birth to “baby of steel” or that the amber really worked!!!  As an experiment, I bought a strand for myself to help with the headaches brought on by the daily noise of 4 kids under 5!!!  The amber definitely helped control my pain, plus they looked super cute!  I wear my necklaces daily now, and my last 2 babies (#5 and #6) have started sporting their amber necklaces at around week #2!!!!  I highly recommend amber as a natural remedy to anyone with babies or who is experiencing pain themselves!  Give it a try, I mean, why not???

Some important things to know about Baltic Amber:
Wearing amber on the skin for healing has been a common practice in Europe for hundreds of years!  This is not some new age, modern idea!
The jewelry is HAND MADE, and you know what that means?  Not every piece will look like each other or like the picture on the model!  Variety keeps the world interesting….
But I guarantee that these are made with the “round” beads!  They are not perfectly round, but they are not made of the “chips!”
The key element to the medicinal properties of amber is the succinic acid!  The more succinic acid the bead contains, the cloudier and lighter it will appear! So for the highest potency, wear the lightest colors!
Amber necklaces are commonly called “teething necklaces,” but the natural pain relieving properties are good for everyone and all sorts of pain.  Sufferers of carpal tunnel like to wear their amber near the painful area in question, but due to the nature of the oils, you can wear your amber anywhere on your body and experience the same amount of pain relief!
Each bead is knotted on the string individually, which will keep your baby safe, as well as look pretty!  Also, each strand is ended with a screw clasp cleverly disguised as to not mar the look of the necklace when the clasp swings around to the front!
I wear my amber 24/7, but that means mine has suffered from hard water and sunscreen residue which will inhibit its healing ability over time.  If your amber gets dirty, clean gently with warm water and a soft cloth!
Memorize this for when interested folks ask you about your interesting jewelry:
Baltic amber is a natural analgesic which emits naturally healing and calming properties through its oil.  The beads warm up on your skin and release the trace amounts of oil directly into your skin and then through your bloodstream.

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