Sometimes it’s nice not to have your little one right in front of you while babywearing, but if your newborn or infant is too small to go on your back, there is 1 position that would work for you!  Try wearing your baby carrier on your hip!  The Beco 4th Generation, Beco Gemini, Pikkolo, and the AngelPack all feature shoulder straps that can be unbuckled and refastened in the hip position!!!  Hold baby on your hip as you would without the carrier, but pull the front panel up and over so baby is seated deeply in the pocket created!  Throw 1 shoulder strap over your opposite shoulder – be careful not to hit baby in the head – and buckle under your arm!  The other strap goes around your waist and needs to be cinched tight to give support to your back!  My 11 week old newborn in seated with his front leg out as you can see in the picture below, and the other leg is tucked up under him in the froggy position since his legs aren’t long enough yet to both be out with knees up in the ergonomical and safe M position!  Give the hip carry a try and see what you think!  If it’s too much bother to readjust the shoulder straps but your baby prefers to sit on your hip to get a better view of the world, think about investing in the Scootababy!  The Scootababy is designed for hip carrying but is also able to swing to the front for breastfeeding and cuddles or be moved to the back if you need your front and sides free!  I love how many options there are in our babywearing world!

Beco PAXbaby hip carry

*happy babywearing*

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