When the temperature gets in the high 90s, what’s a mom supposed to do but take her little ones to the pool to cool off!  This day, we had friends over so I took 10 kids under 12 to swim!!!  And would you believe it that we didn’t have any bickering, accidents, or drama! The oldest 7 played while the younger 2 splashed, and the youngest did what he does best: slept – nursed – slept!!!  How was I able to maintain order and fun with all these kiddies?   I know you know this answer – because I was wearing my baby, able to breastfeed and nurture him hands free while serving snacks, taking the toddlers potty, and helping with showers!  My Beco Gemini (customized by Pimp my Carrier of course!) is so versatile that I was able to wear PAXbaby #6 in every way that he needed!  Front facing out so he could watch the kids, front facing in when he got tired, and cradle for breastfeeding in a relaxed position!  Hooray for babywearing and yippee for stress-free parenting!

PAXbaby Babywearing swimming Beco Gemini

*happy babywearing*

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