If you had asked me when I first found out about babywearing that I’d be into wraps, I would have told you, “no how, no way”. iIt appeared to be so much work when I could just buckle a carrier on. Especially after failing miserably with a stretchy wrap with my first baby. But I kept getting seduced by the beautiful colors and endless carry options. So with baby #2 I was determined to make it work, I put my mind to it, and found out it wasn’t near as hard as it appeared to be. And fast once you practice!

If you’re worried about making the leap to woven wraps, let me put your mind at ease, it is worth it. They fit any body type and babies of all ages and size. Worried about them being too hot? That’s the amazing thing too, there’s a wrap for every climate. For the warm Southern California summers, I’m now reaching for my Wrapsody BaliBreeze. Who can resist looking like rainbow sherbet? 🙂

Just call me a happy wrapper! ~ by Laura

PAXbabyPAXbaby Wrapsody

*happy babywearing*

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