Just in case you needed a reason or 2 to babywear!

Wear your baby for a more content, peaceful child!

Wear your baby to bond more fully and experience every moment of your child’s first years!

Wear your baby to keep your hands free and your mind at ease!

Wear your baby instead to avoid lugging around clumsy unwieldy strollers!

Wear your baby to be stylish!

Wear your baby because it’s more comfortable than holding your child in your arms!

Wear your baby to show your commitment and dedication to being your child’s caregiver!

Wear your baby to be different than the other moms at playgroup!

Wear your baby so you can breastfeed anywhere anytime!

Have I missed anything, babywearers????

Featuring a very happy baby in a Beco Butterfly II Aiden!

*happy babywearing*

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