Babies R Us calls this contraption “the best baby carrier on the market” but we beg to differ!!!!  The Morph Harness by Mamas & Papas is the same price as a Beco Butterfly II which can carry babies from newborn through 45 pounds, has a hood, and can be worn on your back with bigger babies !  The Morph claims to carry children up to 33 pounds; can you imagine having a 33 pound toddler dangling off your shoulders in this thing?  Ouch!  BRUS may think this is the best carrier available, but personally I think it looks like baby bondage gear, and makes me cringe just to watch the instructional video!  A better name for this strappy thing than the Morph Harness might be the “Parachute Baby Carrier” or the “Ready for Combat Baby Carrier!”  What would you call it?

PAXbaby Morph Harness Mamas Papas baby carrier

*happy babywearing*

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