With all the drama and publicity regarding safe babywearing, PAXbaby wants to do our part to raise the public awareness about safe slinging!  This means more blog posts regarding babywearing safety, promoting safety by talking to babywearing parents that we meet, and most importantly, having a safety expert available for questions and help for our own PAXbaby customers!!!   We want to make 100% positive that you are practicing safe babywearing so expect an email from Laura after you receive your carrier checking up on you and offering any help you may need!  Remember, when you wear your baby out in public, other moms and moms-to-be are watching and learning from you, and we all want to be showing off our very best babywearing skills, right???  Any questions, concerns, or comments are welcome – please email me at jillian (at), respond to Laura’s email when she writes to you, or post at PAXbaby’s FaceBook page!  And if you don’t have any safety issues, GREAT!  But we’d LOVE to see babywearing pictures of our favorite carriers in action, so please do send us pix!!!

Laura is a babywearing mommy to 2 little ones, Toddler C and Baby M, and has completed a babywearing safety course, certifying her to be PAXbaby’s baby wearing safety expert!   Watch our blog for lots more pictures of Laura wearing C and M; they are sure cute!   Laura knows SSCs, meh dais, & ring slings like the back of her hand and is a superb wrapper!  Have questions?  Bring them on, she’s ready for you!!!

PAXbaby babywearing safety

*happy babywearing*

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