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PAXbaby is very excited to showcase the similarities and differences between Beco Baby Carrier’s 2 styles of soft structured baby carrier!  The Beco Butterfly has been the “It” baby carrier since its debut in 2008, but the Gemini will be giving the Butterfly a run for its money, offering babywearers a different selection of features and the same fabulous Beco style!  Parents will be equally comfortable in either Beco carrier, but based on the individual needs of the child and adult wearing the baby, either the Beco Butterfly II or the Gemini will be better suited for your purposes.  If you need help deciding, just ask!

The comparison pictures feature the VERY Limited Edition Blue Scooters Beco Butterfly II and the Exclusive Edition White Leaves Beco Butterfly II from Paxbaby with the new Natalie Gemini which you can order now!  *These pictures belong to the artist, so please do ask permission before using them.*

Width: Gemini 11 in (base) 10in (narrowest points)
Beco Butterfly II 13″ wide
Height: Gemini 14in (without headrest up) 18.5in (with headrest up)
Beco Butterfly II 16in (without hood attached)

Padded straps

Length: Gemini 23in (can be adjusted to add another 22” for a total of 45”)
Beco Butterfly II 23in (can be adjusted up to add another 22″ for a total of 45″)
Width: Both carriers are 3in.

Waist Band Strap

Width: Both carriers are 4 in.

Length: Gemini 28 in. (size 0) and can be adjusted up to 57”

Beco Butterfly II 28 in. (size 0) and can be adjusted up to 57”

Weight Capacity

Beco Butterfly II 7-45 pounds

Gemini 7-35 pounds

Here you can see the internal Y panel and the 2 safety buckles of the Beco Butterfly II which help to keep the baby secure when moving the carrier to a back carry or transferring to another person.  The Gemini does not have this feature.

Wearing an older child with the hood up

Gemini Features:

Here you can see the  Gemini’s front panel featuring the unique snap back tabs that narrow the seat

for the controversial front facing out position

Crossed Shoulder  Straps

Hip Carry

Wearing the headrest up

With the headrest down.

The Summary: Beco’s Gemini and Butterfly II are 2 very different baby carriers.  Other factors to remember are that the Gemini are made here in the USA and feature the headrest and the 4 carrying positions, front facing in, front facing out, hip, and back.  The Butterfly II is made in China and features the infant insert, the integrated harness, & the sleeping hood, and can be used for carrying on front or back.  If you feel  uncomfortable getting your baby on your back independently or if your little one is wiggly and you feel more secure using the insert, then definitely go with the Beco Butterfly II. If you want to have the option to cross the shoulder straps, have a little more versatility in the carrying positions, and don’t need help back carrying, than the Gemini would be the way to go.  And if you’re undecided,  you can always try them both at PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange!

A BIG thank you to AlisaMarie, her lovely models, and her beautiful photographs!

*happy babywearing*

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