What on earth is “poppability?”  It’s a babywearing term that means ease of use of baby carrier is regards to speed when putting baby in or taking baby out!  POPPABILITY!  And that is where it’s at for this mommy of 6 babies under 9!  I need to be fast – lightening fast – so that I can chase my nekkid toddler down the street, run to the rescue of my 4 year old, get baby slung in a jiffy to help my 6 year olds with an art project, or put lil guy on my back quickly so that I can do Legos with my 8 year old!  No time to waste here!

At this stage of the game – PAXbaby Baby #6 is 24 days old – the easiest way to wear baby is in a Ring Sling!  I can be holding my little one while putting the sling on, and it’s easy to adjust on the run! Popping baby into a Stretchy Wrap is fast, however I need 2 hands to put on the wrap first, and then I can get him into the wrap!  As for meh dais, I love their custom fit and comfy straps, but until you are a pro, this is not the “poppable” carrier you are looking for!  In the Soft Structured Carrier world, there is 1 SSC that I would call truly “poppable,” and that is the Beco Butterfly II! Once I have the carrier fitted for my needs (back carry versus front), I can thrown it on while holding my babe, and then get him settled in the carrier while on the run!  I can’t tell you how many times I have been buckling my kids into the Butterfly while already to the rescue!  Today, it’s my Sakura Bloom Ring Sling, but as #6 gets heavier, my go-to carrier for babywearing on the go will be the Beco Butterfly II!

My gorgeous linen Sakura Bloom Ring Sling is thrown on so I could help my littlies get their shoes on for a walk!

*happy babywearing*

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