I have to admit that I am not monogamous to 1 style or type of baby carrier!  My stash consists of EVERYTHING from structured backpacks to woven wraps to meh dais and soft structured carriers!  As long as it is well-made, ergonomically designed, comfortable, and of course, beautiful, I will wear it! However, for newborn baby wearing, nothing is as infinitely comfortable as the stretchy wrap!!!  These wraps are ideal for infant and babies up to about 15-18 pounds, but after that, the wrap’s stretchiness becomes its downfall and is no longer supportive enough!

My favorite brands of stretchy wraps (all available at PAXbaby – email if you don’t see them on the site!) are Moby, Sleepy, and the Bali Stretch!  Every new baby deserves to be snuggled in a stretchy wrap, and if you think it looks too complicated, give wrapping a shot!  I’m all thumbs and still manage to wrap baby safely and comfortably all day – every day!

PAXbaby newborn babywearing sleepy stretchy wrap

*happy babywearing*

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