“When I think about my sweet daughter and all the time we spend together, I think of about a million different songs.  Songs about always being there for one another, songs about being there when the going gets tough, and songs about carrying each other around in each other’s hearts.

In our case, I carry my daughter close to my heart. Of course I’m talking about babywearing. I carry my daughter around with me everywhere. We’ve never been without each other and I like it that way. Some have told me, “You need a break away from her or your going to go crazy.” But, the thought of being away from her drives me crazy! So I’ll continue to take my sweet girl everywhere I go.

Like 2 days ago when we went to the eye doctor, just us. Last night when we went out to a business dinner with my husband. And last week when we joined forces with some babywearing friends and went to the movies. Time will come soon enough when she wants to leave me and go play with her friends, in the meantime, I’m soaking up all the snuggles and love I can get.”

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*happy babywearing* from Kyndal & Lola

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