How Green is your sling?
I just love Earth Day, the one day of the year that celebrates our tree hugging mentalities, that applauds our conservation of natural resources, and that smiles upon our general crunchiness with a National holiday!    The traditional question today is, of course, “how green are YOU?” measuring your green-ness against your next-door neighbor, pitting your level of eco-ism against your fellow organically minded familes.  Everyone wants to know what  YOU are doing to be green, but I would like to ask when being green, eating organic and locally grown produce, providing our children with natural toys, and conserving our precious resources will no longer be called living green but simply LIVING….

I challenge you then to not only think about changing the way you grocery shop, or the amount of trash your family creates daily, or the fact that you would like to one day in the future drive an eco-friendly car, but to actually follow through on some of your “one day” plans and begin your environmentally friendly life NOW!  Baby steps make a surprisingly large impact because once you start to live green, it feels so good and so right that the small adjustments you have committed to changing snowball into larger results, and soon you are not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk!

Regarding your choice to babywear and keep your child close to you, that is not only a wise decision, but also a green choice!

A lot of the best baby carriers are manufactured here in the USA, so when you choose to buy an American-made sling instead of a Graco, BabyTrends, or Phil & Ted’s stroller, you are supporting local economy and reducing your carbon footprint by not importing a plastic stroller made in third world countries under unfair & harsh working conditions.  Most baby slings offer an organic option so that you can ensure that your baby is being carried in the finest & safest materials.  Again, the more organic fabric that needs to be manufactured to fill the needs of the consumer, the more “regular” organic will be become, and hopefully non-organic materials will fall by the wayside!  When your baby has outgrown your baby carrier, I know that you will hand it down to another babywearing mama and her new generation of happy babies.  When you are done with your stroller, it is often too trashed to pass along and it will go straight to the landfill.  Baby bucket car seats now have an expiration date due to the plastics getting old and more likely to shatter upon impact, and these too will fill the dumps.  Help to consciously promote natural parenting and healthy living by wearing your baby in a sling and be a wealth of information with a smile and a babyworn baby’s sweet attitude to demonstrate the reasons for wearing your baby!

*happy babywearing*

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