When your toddler is feeling irritable, don’t give in to the temptation of TV!  Try a snuggle on the sofa together or wearing your little one!  Front carrying is especially useful for squeezing in those extra cuddles with a busy baby who may not always want to slow down long enough for some loving!  Make sure that baby’s head is high enough to kiss, that you’ve chosen a baby carrier with a high enough weight limit for your child, and enjoy a few minutes of  peaceful bonding!

The PAXbaby parents find that often, although he may resist it, sleep will overcome our toddler while he’s being worn, and he will give in to the temptation of a much-needed nap, waking up much less cranky than when we buckled him in!

PAXbaby custom Beco Gemini

The PAXbaby Daddy is wearing our Baby #5 in a fabulous customized Beco Dylan Gemini by Pimp my Carrier!  Our little one is around 27 pounds, and loves being worn on the front still!

*happy babywearing*

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