At PAXbaby, we’ve always made it our goal to support the whole mama and baby. We love answering your questions and celebrate with you as each new baby comes along, but support means so much more than that. When you purchase a carrier from PAXbaby, you can count on the fact that we’ve tried out each and every one of the carriers we sell. That goes for using the carrier with new squishy babies all the way through toddlers. And because we handpick each of our baby carriers that we recommend, we take EVERYTHING into account, from materials and fit, to location of manufacturing. to how the carrier supports both mama and baby. Although there are a lot of soft structured carriers on the market, we take that support and proper positioning seriously. It is important both for proper spine and hip development for baby’s body to be supported by having fabric from knee to knee instead of all the weight resting on their groin area with legs dangling straight down. This spread “squat” or “M” position allows for the spine to stay properly aligned, and the hip sockets to sit comfortably and naturally in the joint. This also translates to the wearer, since when baby is properly supported in a carrier, it makes for much more comfortable babywearing all together.

The math is simple: comfortable babies + comfortable wearers =  happy babywearing!

PAXbaby proper babywearing positioning

Thank you, Laura & Matilda, for the fabulous pictures demonstrating safe, comfortable, and ergonomic babywearing!  Featuring a set of mommy arms and a Boba baby carrier!

*happy babywearing*

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