A love letter from Jessie who ordered a customized Beco Gemini from PAXbbay’s Pimp my Carrier!

My custom Beco Gemini came, AND IT IS AMAZING!!!!

I agree!

Thank you so much for the free, fast shipping, I cannot believe it showed up already!

Sure thing!

I just tried it out and it is hands down the most comfortable carrier EVER. I have tried Bjorns, Infantino, meh dais, and ring slings, and with all of them it was kind of a production to get them on and get them to a point where I felt comfortable and that my baby was comfortable and secure. With the Gemini, I immediately felt comfortable and this is honestly the only carrier I have ever tried where my baby felt comfortable and secure – literally as soon as I put it on. I am in amazement! And it was so easy to get on/off!!

I’m so excited for you!!!

PAXbaby custom Gemini

One question though, is there something I can do with the excess straps? I see they all have little loopy things on the ends so I’m assuming there is a trick to make those not be hanging everywhere.

Use the elastic bands on the ends of the straps to keep your excess webbing rolled up neatly!

By the way, I am 5 ‘2 and fairly petite (not tiny though…I have had 2 babies in less than 2 years!). I had read that a lot of people say it isn’t good for smaller mamas but I did not notice any issues with that!  Hopefully that will help someone similar in size to me choose !

Good to hear!  Thanks for the constructive feedback!


You are VERY welcome, Jessie!

PAXbaby custom Beco Gemini

*happy babywearing*

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