Another PAXbabyBeco Baby Carrier love letter!!!“The Beco Gemini… is quite possibly, one of the best baby purchases I have made. The pic is in Sea World Orlando. It was PERFECT! There are so many place you can’t take a stroller, so I would pop him in the Gemini and show him around. I think the carrier made the trip as he was happy as a clam in it! Of course, it was also perfect for his naps and when he wanted to be close to his mom.”

PAXbaby.cPAXbaby Beco Gemini travelingom

THANKS for the sweet email & adorable picture, Leslie!  Your babywearing experience will be even cuter once you have your custom Ginger Strap Wraps and Mai Poketto by Pimp my Carrier!!!!

*happy babywearing*

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