Only 2 weeks-ish until the newest PAXbaby makes his appearance!  While balancing family and work, the PAXbaby mama is waiting patiently for a few last baby carriers for #6’s newborn stash!  (wait until you see the pix!) and getting the last kinks worked out for delegating PAXbaby business while taking a well deserved babymoon after our 5th home birth (cross your fingers for our success!!!)
Great news for all of us is that the PAXbaby’s mama’s mama (that’s right – the PAXbaby grandma!) will be packing and shipping orders from our Southern California studio, PAXbaby Kristie will be organizing Sling Exchange and taking care of rental inquiries, & PAXbaby Laura will be available to answer any babywearing questions!  Also good news, the wait time for Pimp my Carrier is at around 2 weeks for custom carriers & accessories and will continue to function thanks to our wonderful, dedicated seamstress!  Thank you for your understanding if things don’t go as smoothly as usual, & please do specify if you need a package shipped within our normal 24 hours, as I expect our shipping time will stretch to 48 hours.
As you can see from this picture, PAXbaby often delivers a load of packages directly to the Post Office secret back door in order to ensure that your order gets shipped super duper quickly, but pending Baby’s arrival, I won’t be making my daily visit to my local PO!  I can’t say thank you enough for your support and enthusiasm about our newest little one!  I know I can’t wait to wear a new squishy baby, and I know you are all looking forward to living vicariously through the babywearing pictures I will be posting!!!!
(((hugs))) & *happy babywearing*

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