Sensitive subject, I know, but a lot of my friends & fellow babywearers were taken advantage by a store who need not be named…  I feel so terribly after hearing everyone’s stories of generous patience & waiting for their goodies, only to be taken advantage of…  Please know that if PAXbaby can help, I will do what I can!  Today, I’d like to invite anyone who was planning on using their credits on a BabyHawk baby carrier to contact me ASAP!  Email me at jillian @

PAXbaby BabyHawk

PS!  I have been alerted that Boba Baby Carriers, Sleepy Wraps, and Kozy meh dais are also offered at the site in question!  You are invited to email me if any of these were also on your wishlist!  THANK YOU!

*happy babywearing*

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