Leave it to a Hawaiian mama to start a Hula Babywearing Class!!!  This news article tickled my funny (babywearing) bone, and made me wish that we had a Hula Babywearing Class locally to me!  Maybe I should start one!  Hmmmm…????

“The swaying motions of hula can have a calming effect on an infant, and Hawaiian music can be as soothing as a lullaby.  So why not carry your baby and hula at the same time!  Welcome to Babywearing Hula, a class for moms who can bond with their babies while learning to dance…  “It’s a natural thing to dance with your baby, being with them and moving with them,” said Loo. “It’s about having fun with the babies and each other. You’re in Hawaii, so why not?”  … Loo says the idea for Babywearing Hula started when her daughter, Kupuoha, was born. She was teaching hula, but her daughter, then 10 months old, still needed to be with her, so the solution was to carry her in class.  “She loved it. I loved it. So it was a win-win,” said Loo…  By the end of class, some of the babies had been lulled to sleep.”

Read the full article here, shop for your own AngelPack as shown in the picture, and please let me know if this inspires you to start your own babywearing dance class!

PAXbaby Babywearing Hula Class

*happy babywearing*

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