It’s the moment all you babywearers have been waiting for: the Beco sale!!!

4 fabulous Beco Butterfly II prints and 2 Geminis are being discontinued so grab 1 of these adorable carriers while you still can!

PAXbaby Discontinued Sale Beco prints

Beco Butterfly II Lauren sale price $119

Beco Butterfly II Aiden sale price $119

Beco Butterfly II Natalie sale price $119

Beco Butterfly II Lucas sale price $119


Beco Gemini Natalie sale price $109

Beco Gemini Lucas sale price $109

Buy 1 now to customize at PAXbaby’s Pimp my Carrier or put 1 on lay away for that Spring vacation you have coming up!

And now, a warm welcome to the lovely Eden, a Beco Limited Edition, available to reserve at PAXbaby now & shipping in March!

Beco Butterfly II Eden

Inventory is limited on both Eden and the sale Becos so don’t dilly dally!

*happy babywearing*

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