In honor of our colonial past, an American flag themed baby carrier seems appropriate, doncha think?  But I personally don’t need to wear Red, White, & Blue all year round, only on these great traditional holidays like 4th of July when our patriotism becomes an accessory and our children are dressed in matching stripes and stars!  So, how does a babywearing parent “accessorize” their baby carrier?  A custom slip cover, of course!  Designed by Pimp my Carrier, and available in a dual sided option, the Cutie Cover is the answer to all your holiday baby carrier needs!!!!

Take a little of this:

PAXbaby Uncle Sam babywearing

and your own version of these chubby cheeks

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Meg Fish newborn babywearing

plus your choice of patriotic themed fabrics

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Babywearing Pimp my Carrier fabric

to concoct a one of a kind “Cutie Cover” slip cover for your baby carrier and create a photographic occasion for every American holiday!!!

*happy babywearing*

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