101 ways to use a wrap

#99 – as a toga!

When we spent 5 months Down Under last year, I promised my husband I would take as few carriers as possible!  What that meant to him was room in our luggage for his ukulele books!  What that meant to me was a heart wrenching decision of which carrier made the cut, and which had to stay home!  The end result was a sad mama with 1 ring sling (Solarweave!) 1 pouch (for church!) 1 wrap (Wrapsody Bali Breeze!) and 1 solitary Soft Structured Carrier (Beco Butterfly II Scooters)  I had my Dylan set out also, but SOMEHOW it got left behind, hmmm…..

Anyway, the Bali wrap came in handy not only as a baby carrier, but as you can see here, my son’s beach garb when he felt that the sun was getting too hot!  Love the Breeze because it has perfect combination of  “give” (essential in a good wrap) and support (also necessary when wearing a toddler)!!!  Some woven wraps will cause soreness on your pressure points if the rails get twisted somehow or you don’t have baby properly positioned, but the Bali Breeze is forgiving, as well as light weight, and beautiful to boot!

PAXbaby Wrapsody Bali

*happy babywearing*

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