Thank you to Jenn at MBJ for her Ode to her BabyHawk meh dai!  She summed up our feelings here at PAXbaby in an adorable sonnet that we knew you would enjoy!  Be sure to follow her blog for more fun!


Ode to my BabyHawkcom

The ring sling and I had a torrid affair.

It held my newborn close, and its price was so fair.

As my son grew, we moved to the Bjorn.

Though now I know better and view it with some scorn.

Next I purchased a new Snugli in blue.

But something was missing, that much I knew.

My carrier seeking days had been filled with much strife.

Until that beautiful day when you came into my life.

I had finally found a carrier that rocked.

Adorned in red skulls, I love you, BabyHawk.

*happy babywearing*

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