When I first started researching better babywearing options for Baby #4, there were maybe 4 viable SSC options for me to choose from. It took me 4 months to decide on which carrier to get for my new lil’ fella and by that time, my husband had listened to hours of chatter from me regarding the different options.  How I WISH there was a Sling Exchange back then so that I could have tried all the options without the heavy commitment!  Laying out $129 for my first Beco 4th Generation seemed like a HUGE investment!  What if it didn’t fit right?  What if my baby didn’t like it?  What if I was making the wrong decision????  I agonized over the choices until finally, my husband told me we were going to pay Gabby at Beco Baby Carriers a visit and have her fit me in a Beco, and that was that!  Thank goodness he finally put an end to my misery!   Gabby was wonderful, the Beco was an instantaneous success, and we all lived happily ever after!

However, thanks to PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange, you don’t have to agonize like I did!  You don’t have to put all your eggs in 1 basket!  You can take your time, compare your top choices head to head, and make an informed decision based on wearing the carriers in person and not just relying on what other moms have to say!  Try before you buy and take the pressure off getting it right the first time!!  Being able to see each carrier’s designs with your own eyes and getting to wear each carrier and weigh the differences and similarities between each one is a fabulous way to make the decision making process that much simpler!  Now, if you fall in love with more than 1 carrier, I can’t help you there….

PAXbaby's Slng Exchange

If you know any moms looking to invest in their first major baby carrier purchase, send them PAXbaby’s way so we can help narrow down the options and figure out which carriers would suit their needs the best!   Then, PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange is a great option so that new babywearers don’t have to take the plunge right away, but slip into our wonderful (and addicting) world of babywearing slowly, with lots of information, and hands on experience with each of the different carriers on their list!  THANK YOU for helping to spread the babywearing love!!!!

PAXbaby Beco love

*happy babywearing*

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