Babywearing parents, now is the time to stand together, and whether you are a wrapper, slinger, or buckler, we must fight for the right to carry our babies without being stared at & feeling guilty!  Thanks to big box companies like Infantino, the entire baby carrier industry is under scrutiny, causing many WAHMs (work at home moms) to close their virtual doors and put away their sewing machines.  The new strict regulations have come into existence since the recall on Infantino’s “sling of death” bag slings – manufactured for years even though studies proved years ago that their carriers were a potential hazard!

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The sad truth is that now baby carriers are considered to be dangerous until proven safe.  Unfortunately, that proof is costing our beloved manufacturers – most of them sweet moms who “just wanted to stay home with their kids and help share the babywearing love” – a lot of time & effort.  The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance is a team of avid babywearers with lawyer support who are fighting for our babywearing rights and privileges to carry our babies as we please!  If you haven’t joined yet, please do!  YOU can make a difference!  And another small way you can help is to make sure that anytime you hear a parent discussing buying an Infantino product, explain to that parent why they should NOT!  Think about what would happen to this company if parents simply stopped buying their carriers!  After all, friends don’t let friends buy Infantino!

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This was my recent response to a mom asking about the new Infantino “soft structured carrier,” the Infantino Balance!  “This carrier may look OK, but truly, I can’t support a company that knowingly sold dangerous carriers and has now submarined the baby carrier industry putting so many WAHMs out of biz… Just not acceptable, Infantino!”

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Thank you for your continued support of THIS WAHM ((((hugs)))) and please do think about joining the BCIA!

*happy babywearing*

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