Baby Henry and his mom, Melissa, rented a few carriers from PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange, and wrote to tell me about their experience!

PAXbaby Sling Exchange Beco Gemini

“I have received 2 of my rentals, the Scootababy and the Beco Gemini. I’m ruling out the Scootababy as the one shouldered style is just not as supportive as I need.  I am loving the Gemini so far.  We went to the Shedd Aquarium here in Chicago yesterday and I carried my 20 pounder with little discomfort for about 3 hours. He even fell asleep in it! (carried him on the front, facing me).

PAXbaby Sling Exchange Beco Gemini

I kept an eye out for other babywearers at the aquarium yesterday, and this is what I saw:
3-4 SSC’s – plain black, don’t know what kind but they looked good (one was a back carry on a dad)
2 Jeep danglers
3-4 other danglers (Bjorn, Snugli)
2 hard frame back carriers
1 meh dai
0 ring slings
0 wraps
Many human arms
Hundreds of strollers!

I greatly appreciate all of your help and expertise…Thanks so much for your help, I’m sure you are very busy with your own life and helping out mamas like me!”

PAXbaby Sling Exchange Beco Gemini

Glad you are loving the Gemini, Melissa!  Thanks for the great feedback!

*happy babywearing*

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