Having been a babywearing mommy to (almost) 6 kids for (almost) 8 years, I have worn A LOT of carriers, and by far, the one soft structured carrier that works for (almost) EVERYBODY is the Beco Butterfly II!!!  I have heard great feedback from many many happy moms who chose the Beco Butterfly over the more mainstream Ergo or Baby Bjorn and have been overjoyed by the comfort and the longevity of this carrier!  The extra features that come with the Butterfly – sleeping hood & infant insert – just help to make your investment more worthwhile since this carrier can be worn from infancy through 45 pounds and in the summer, winter, on back or in front! Is there anything that the Beco Butterfly can’t do????

Now, the official Beco instructions are helpful, don’t get me wrong, however, after wearing the Butterfly II for years with various sized children, I have a few tips to share with you!  These tricks will make more sense when you have your Beco Butterfly in front of you, so be sure to refer back to this page when needed!

Here is a quick list of instructions to get you started!!!

Before putting on the Butterfly, pull the chest clip as low as it can go and buckle it
Pop the carrier over your head
Buckle waistband LOW on your hips
Shorten the straps that attach the front panel to the Y panel as much as you can
Pop baby into the front pocket of the carrier 1 leg at a time
Give an extra bounce to settle baby’s bum deep in the pocket
Shorten the straps that go under your arms to keep carrier snug

Use the elastic bands on the ends of the straps to keep your excess webbing rolled up neatly!

The straps on your back are ideal when forming an H on your back, not an A with the chest strap high on your neck.

To back carry, don’t fasten the chest clip, but load baby into the carrier in the same manner, secure the waistband around your hips but loosen  it a bit so that you can swivel the entire carrier around your body to your back.  Then clip the chest belt and adjust the shoulder straps.

Hope these tips help you have instantaneous Beco babywearing success, but if you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact me!!!  Also use the links and videos provided below for more information!!!

Visit PAXbaby’s own YouTube channel for the best babywearing videos!!!


Welcome To Beco Baby Carrier Instructional Video

Beco Anatomy

Front Carry with a Newborn

Front Carry with a Young Child

Back Carry with a Young Child

Front Carry with a Toddler

Back Carry with a Toddler

Folding your Beco Butterfly

*happy babywearing*

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