May the Babywearing Force Be With you!

PAXbaby Star wars babywearing

What better way to wear your baby than in a Star Wars themed baby carrier????  And the best carrier for the job?  The BabyHawk customized specially for into the one and only SuperHawk!!!!!  Available as a meh dai or an Oh Snap, and your choice of strap colors, the Superhawk is the ONLY way to wear your little Jedi!!!!

PAXbaby Star Wars babywearing

Perfect for galactic daddies or Ahsoka-wanna-be mommies, PAXbaby’s custom Star Wars BabyHawks are more fabulous than a double edged lightsaber!

PAXbaby Star wars Babywearing

PAXbaby Star Wars babywearing

This daddy is strong with the babywearing force while wearing his Darth Vader Oh Snap!

PAXbaby Star Wars babywearing

*happy babywearing*

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