Thank you to Jennifer P from Ontario, Canada, for this adorable post reminding us all how important it is to learn to breastfeed in our baby carriers to make life easier!  Her breastfeeding post at “Decaf Please” made me laugh out loud!  Hope you do too!!!!


Ever since getting my Beco, I’ve wondered how I can nurse in it. The literature and posts from users rave about how easy it was to do. But I wondered if it was like the breastfeeding videos that were looping in the hospital when Newt arrive: it was easy if your Girls weren’t gigantically and painfully engorged, your baby not crying (or falling asleep). Finally on Beco’s Facebook page, they posted Lauren’s how-to video.

Like all aspects of breastfeeding, this one takes practice. I watched the video over and over again, disappointed that when the wee babe was latching on Lauren modestly turned her back to the camera. I don’t blame her, but it left me wondering how exactly to get Gillian on. I hope between the video and the following tips that you will be able to successfully breastfeed your baby in your carrier (Beco or otherwise). I’ve nursed her in my Beco everywhere from the security check in at the airport to the toy aisle at a department store (which is when Newt told me that it was just like magic – me being able to feed Gilly and while I let him play with obnoxious toys I’d never buy).

  • The first few times will be very awkward. I started when Gilly was 4 months old and had head control.
  • Don’t wait until your baby is really hungry when you are learning how. First, because your baby will be angry and screaming. Second, if you’re like me you will be overflowing and will get milk everywhere.
  • Be sure to wear a top that you can pull down, to the side or a nursing tank. I made the mistake yesterday of wearing a nursing-unfriendly top (a normal t-shirt like normal women wear) and it was a disaster. Screaming baby and milk everywhere while I tried to pull my shirt up.
  • If you are modest or don’t like subjecting passerbys to your self-made splash zone, bring along your nursing cover to put over top while trying to get baby to latch on. This is what I do. Gilly is also very easily distracted that the cover helps keep her focused. This is also why I am so happy that Lauren posted her video because I am too shy.
  • I would guess that anatomy would play a big part in this. I need to make sure that Gilly is fairly loose because The Girls would otherwise smush her.
  • Did I mention practice?
  • Did I mention I love my Beco?


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