The always adorable Katie from Beco Baby Carriers has brought us another fabulous Beco video, this time comparing the new Beco Gemini to the vintage and beloved 4th Generation and also to the Beco Butterfly II.  The 4G was Beco’s best selling carrier until it was retired in 2008 making way for the new favorite, the Beco Butterfly.  The BBII, as we at PAXbaby fondly call this carrier, has the internal Y panel, the detachable infant insert, and the removable hood!  It is all together wonderful, and the best long term baby carrier that we recommend!  It can also fit the largest range of parents!  The Gemini has a heavily padded body and head rest that attaches with straps to the shoulder straps, and a set of snaps that allows the babywearer to widen the body of the carrier.  Front facing out and hip carries are both possible with the Gemini as well as front and back carries while the 4G is front, hip, or back, and the BBII is simply front or back.

Enjoy Katie’s video, and please let us know if you have ANY questions!  I have been wearing Beco Baby Carriers for 4 years now and loving every minute of the babywearing adventure that is life with 6 kids under 8, so if you want opinions, ask away, I’ve got them!

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