The 2010 Emmys have now wrapped up, and while not every attendee got to take home an award, they all got to take home some serious SWAG!  No word on what’s in this year’s bags, but the sharp eyes at PAXbaby discovered that at least a couple years ago; some celebs took home something near and dear to our own hearts…

Sadly, it’s obvious that there are a few celebs that sorely (all puns intended!) need to be gifted a WONDERFUL carrier!

I don’t know who I feel more sorry for here: poor Lisa Marie or her beautiful little girl! Get this poor woman and her poor back a Beco Gemini, Butterfly, or Boba STAT!  She could even pair up any two of those carriers to carry BOTH of gorgeous twins together! (And one might think that an OhSnap! in Dylan would be perfect for her little ones…)

Jennifer Garner is another mama who needs some help with tandem babywearing, because I’m willing to bet that what she has going in this picture isn’t working for her, LOL!  A Beco Gemini would allow her to wear either of her kiddos on her front or her back, and even give her the option to face her younger babe out to see the world for short periods of time!

She’s got great shades, a gorgeous bag, and an adorable son… yet Heidi is sporting a boring black carrier?  Hook this lady up with something stylin’, like a Butterfly in the AMAZING Echino Blue Scooters print!  Every celeb baby deserves a little style of his own!

This last picture bears including, even though it looks like things are going fine. Okay, so Ethan is pretty much off the charts on the cute-o-meter  even without the babywearing! However, you could stick him in anything from PAXbaby and he’d look just that much more  AMAZING!  Couldn’t YOU see Ethan in a earthy Lula Organic Sweet Potato and Stone Olive’s & Applesauce?


It’s clear that not everyone was there that day to receive the perfect carrier that they so desperately need!  Seems they need PAXbaby to come to the rescue!


*happy babywearing*

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