As much fun as this looks, babywearers, the PAXbaby mama would like to assure you this is not comfortable, ergonomic, or a good way to snuggle with your little one!

PAXbaby ergonomic baby carrier

The Baby Bjorn company says that their newest carrier is weight tested through 31 pounds.  That may be true, but is it COMFORT tested through that high of a weight limit?  Most parents when picking up a Bjorn from a big box store or borrowing a used one from a friend don’t realize that there are so many other fabulous, comfortable and MUCH more attractive options available!  When their backs begin to ache and their babies begin to fuss every time the dreaded Bjorn is brought out, parents do 1 of 2 things:  give up babywearing altogether or ditch the Bjorn for something better!

Beco Butterfly II Paige

I challenge you to approach a future babywearing parent perusing the motley assortment of “crotch dangling” baby carriers at Target or sidle over to a Bjorn wearing mommy at the park!  Offer your knowledge, chat up a credit card wielding granny, coax a reluctant parent to try on your carrier, remind them that the Beco Gemini or the Pikkolo CAN be worn front facing out, and just hope that this feature will get them in the door to our wonderful world of babywearing and will introduce them to everything you know a GREAT carrier can be!

Beco Gemini Natalie

Come on!  You and I can convert these parents – 1 crotch dangler at a time – with a smile and a gentle push towards ultimate comfort and babywearing nirvana!

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